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What is Telos?

Telos is an Objectives based financial planning tool, it helps a user estimate and achieve their Target Retirement Income (TRI).

Traditionally Super funds and financial planners have targeted the absolute size of a client's 'nest egg'. This can be difficult for clients to comprehend.

For example, many people will struggle to calculate how much money they can spend each year if they've built up a $1 million account at age 65.

However these same people will easily be able to say how much they spend each year and how much they would like, per year, in retirement.

Telos helps you to project your financial future, using two tools:
  • Telos Life
    - input income, assets, future purchases, super etc. here to calcuate your Target Retirement Income (TRI)
  • Telos Portfolo
    - build a portfolio of investments (funds, cash, bonds, property) that have the required amount of risk to deliver the TRI.

Who is Telos for?
Financial planners and individuals wanting to plan their financial future.

How much does Telos cost?
Telos is developed free by Investment Science Asset Management, an Australian hedge fund based in Adelaide. Telos is designed to introduce financial planners to the idea of Strategic Risk Allocation (SRA) a technique often used by hedge funds.

What is Strategic Risk Allocation?
Strategic Risk Allocation (SRA) describes the way a portfolio of investments is constructed. Traditionally investors have used Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) to divide their investments amongst cash, bonds, commodities, property and shares.

SRA recognises that often assets are highly correlated. E.g. if the property market crashes, a number of shares related to the property market (e.g. builders) will also crash.

SRA creates portfolios based on Risk and takes into account the correlations between assets in a portfolio.

It allows financial planners to take a more active role in portfolio construction for their clients.